Redeeming Waste Through Creativity

I'm Greg and I'm the owner / operator / artist at Wild Branch Jewelry.
Currently we feature Jewelry made from Paper Beads. Yes, this is common but Wild Branch goes one step further: all of the handmade beads feature hand-painting to different degrees.

I hold a BFA in Studio Art (drawing/painting) and minored in Fashion Merchandising. Translating that into Jewelry brings a Simple Recognizable Design with Incredible Color Combinations.

The fully hand-painted beads that are produced take either of two directions:
An exploration of color for color's sake.
Combinations of color that bring out common themes found in nature (my favorite is the Ocean inspired pieces).

Wild Branch strives to use discarded materials to transform into beauty and as space and tools grow we will expand into wood, glass and metal upcycling. But for now, enjoy how we make paper scraps into Wearable Art.

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